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Frequently Asked Questions about Hospice:


What is Hospice?

   Hospice is a philosophy of care focused n comfort and quality of life intended to give seriously ill patients and their loved ones meaningful quality time together.

Where can I receive hospice services?

   Hospice allows for you to be cared for wherever you may call home (patient's own home, home of a relative or friend, board and care, assisted living facility or a nursing home.)

Who pays for hospice?

   Medicare and Medi-Cal cover the full cost of hospice care. Most insurance covers hospice as well.

How do I discuss hospice with my physician?

   You should feel free to raise the possibility of hospice at any time. Your physician can order a hospice evaluation to determine if you qualify. We perform the assessment at your home and will report back to your physician.

What if I change my mind about hospice?

   Hospice is a choice. You always have the right to stop services at any time. If your health improves or your illness goes into remission, you many no longer need hospice. If you are eligible, you can go back to hospice care at any time.

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