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Quality Programs for Patients at Home

Services Provided at Home


Onoria Home Health is staffed by a group of highly qualified health care specialists who will provide and deliver services to meet the varied and changing needs of the patients.

Under physician supervision, Onoria Home Health can provide skilled care, prescribed treatments and instructions to their patients and their families to foster maximum self care.

Onoria Home Health offers nursing in the familiar environment of the patient's own home. We provide appropriate level of care from skilled nursing service using the most advanced health technologies to attentive personal assistance. Even patients with serious debilitating illness can be safely cared for at a much lower cost than hospitalization.

  • Home Medical Monitoring

  • Incontinent Care

  • Wound Care

  • Enteral Feeding

  • Intravenous Infusion of Antibiotic,

      or Hydration Therapy

  • Diabetic Care 

  • Respiratory Treatments

  • Dietary Instructions

  • Post Surgical Care of Wounds

  • Patient / Family of Health Teachings

  • Medication Supervision

SN Skilled Nurse (RN / LVN) provides nursing care treatment and instructions to the patient and family involving other disciplines with the patient's plan of care.

PT Physical Therapy helps patient regain functional mobility, increase strength and improve range of motion.

OT Occupational Therapy increases the patient's independence and ability to perform daily functions by teaching adaptive methods and use of special equipment.

ST Speech Therapist works with the patient and family to regain or develop communication skills following a stroke or other disabling disease.

MSW Medical Social Worker services the patient and family deal with financial and social problems which interfere with the patient's recuperation or stability.

CHHA Bathing and personal hygiene, preparing and serving meals, light housekeeping, assisting with home exercise program, observing and reporting changes in patient's condition and needs.

OTHER services arranged by Onoria Home Health are: Pharmacy, Durable Medical Equipment and Dietitian Counseling.

To Qualify

for home health services a patient must:

  • Have a difficult time leaving the house, typically with a taxing effort

  • Be under the care of a physician

  • Wound Care

  • Enteral Feeding

  • In need of skilled nursing care on an intermittent basis, physical therapy or speech therapy, or has a continuing need for occupational therapy

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Medicare Pays 100%

  • Private Insurance

  • Private Pay

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